My Journey to Revolutionise Safety with Powder Coated Handrails

I’m excited to share the journey that led to the creation of powder coated safety handrails for showers. You see, innovation often comes from unexpected places, and my story is no different. 

Here’s how my buddy Tom inadvertently became the driving force behind my game-changing powder-coated safety handrails for showers.

Tom’s “Eureka!”

Tom, my good friend and the least likely inventor you’d expect, deserves a shoutout for this one. Picture this: we’re chatting over a couple of drinks, and he starts raving about his pal who works at at a place called North Brisbane Powder Coating, who powder coated some of his car parts for him and how powder coating makes them rust-resistant and tough as nails. Little did he know, that casual chat set off fireworks in my mind.

The Spark Behind the Scenes

Fast forward a bit, and there I am – knee-deep in research about powder coating. Tom’s casual mention was like that missing puzzle piece I’d been searching for. Who knew his passion for revving up cars would fuel my passion for crafting the perfect handrails?

A Journey of Transformation

In a market where similarity often prevailed, I saw an opportunity to stand out. The powder coated safety handrails weren’t just about safety anymore; they were a testament to innovation and forward thinking. The powder coating not only added an extra layer of protection but also allowed for customization, enabling customers to align their safety fixtures with their unique style.

Tom may not have intended it, but his chatter became the springboard for my innovation. I dove headfirst into creating powder coated safety handrails that went beyond the norm. Rust? Not on my watch. With Tom’s “Eureka!” echoing in my mind, I was determined to turn his inspiration into a reality that would benefit many.

Turning this unexpected inspiration into a tangible reality was a journey fueled by determination and creativity. Armed with the concept of powder coating, I immersed myself in research, exploring the intricacies of the technique and how it could be adapted for safety handrails.

I ended up getting into contact and collaborating with Tom’s pals (experts and skilled craftsmen) at North Brisbane Powder Coating, and together, we designed a process that would ensure not only rust resistance but also aesthetic appeal. Countless prototypes were tested, refining the balance between durability and style. It was a process of trial and error, but with each iteration, the vision became clearer. 

Tom’s Legacy 

As I look back, I can’t help but smile. Who would’ve thought that Tom’s musings about car parts could lead to redefining bathroom safety? The powder coated safety handrails are a testament to innovation in the most unexpected places, and a nod to the fact that ideas, no matter how random, can spark incredible transformations.

So, here’s to Tom – the accidental innovator who played a pivotal role in my journey. I’m grateful for his “Eureka!” moment and for giving me the idea for a point of difference to set my product apart. And even though he’s not getting a penny for it he’s got a front-row seat to witness the impact of his unintentional brilliance.


In the end, what began as a simple conversation evolved into a pioneering journey of innovation. The accidental spark ignited became the driving force behind my relentless pursuit of powder coated safety handrails.

Through my own meticulous research, collaboration with the experts at North Brisbane Powder Coating, and a fair share of trial and error, I feel like This innovation has not only redefined the standards of bathroom safety but has also positioned the business as a pioneer in the industry.

Safety Handrails - power coating

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